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Deliberate Travelling with Astrology

  Find out how astrology can help you plan your holidays and locate the most appropriate places to live.    

Days of the Week

Find out how the day of the week you were born on, influences your character and fate. Discover the connection between the planets and the days of the...

Astrology Prediction and Free Will

Find out how some people overcome and live through a coming storm. Proactive bahaviors can make the best from any circumstances  

Saturn Return-an Initiation into Adulthood

Everyone goes through a very importnat psychological and outer process of maturation around the age of 28 till 30. What triggers this remarkable chang...

Saturn's Symbolism in Life-Death and Materialism

Saturn-the most feared planet in astology and generally in ancient cultures! Find out what is hidden behind its mythical symbolism and how it is manif...

Astrology of Travel and Relocation

Another interesting article on relocational astrology with very extreme and clear, real life examples from clients of mine. Astro-cartography shows ho...

Astro Holiday

  Here is a fun but educational article I wrote about the most appropirate or desirable holidays for each sign. Incase you want to surprise your othe...

Law of Attraction and Astrology

 You have all heard about the Law of Attraction by now! You get back what you project. But to some it might sound very contraty to the ideas of A...

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Los Signos del Zodíaco- Características

Los Signos Una breve introducción a la Astrología Cada uno de los 12 signos astrológicos pertenece a un determinado elemento en uno de sus estados. Esto nos da doce tipos básicos muy...

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Enclaves Misteriosos: La Isla de Pascua

Enclaves Misteriosos: La Isla de Pascua

La Isla de Pascua forma parte del archipiélago polinesio. Se encuentra situada a 3.760 km. de la provincia chilena de Valparaíso. Su nombre original es Rapa Nuí y fué descubierta ...

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